Advice for Young Fathers


With the birth of a baby, everything changes – and yet some things remain just the same! Our advice for young fathers will help young dads find their own role as a father.

When that little roommate arrives, a lot changes. We go from partnership to family, sleep becomes a luxury, and sleeping in and having brunch on the weekends a distant memory. It’s not easy to find your balance – as a family member, as a father, as a husband, as a colleague, and as a friend. But it’s a great journey! Day by day, week by week, month by month, dads are discovering the joys of their new status, to their delight. Our advice is designed to help you embrace your role as a father without forgetting yourself as a person.

9 Tips for young fathers

  1. A rock in the storm
  2. After giving birth, many women go through an emotional roller coaster. When hormones are running amok, it’s important to keep your cool. It takes time for everything to settle down.

    Tip #1: Even good-natured attempts at reassurance can unfortunately go awry in these situations. React calmly to outbursts with understanding and give mom some time to herself.

  3. Dad, he doesn’t do it like that!
  4. A father reacts differently to his children than a mother. And that’s a good thing. Babies love and need that difference. Listen to your instincts and your heart, then combine that natural intuition with some helpful advice for young fathers. That’s how you’ll find your own way.

    Tip #2: Give yourself 100% dad days. Just you and your baby. This way, the bond will become even stronger, and you’ll see your baby in a whole new light.

  5. VIP diaper change
  6. It would be a shame to disappear quickly to go to work in the morning. Hold your baby and enjoy your time together.

    Tip #3: Change your baby’s diaper, have a little chat with him or her, and bring him or her to mom while she’s still in bed. This will give your wife a gentle wake-up call and give you precious time with the baby.

  7. Work can stay behind the door
  8. After a hard day’s work, you may be feeling a little overwhelmed by the fathering duties you have to do. Try to leave the stress outside and consciously let go when you get home.

    Tip #4: Take a short walk and buy dinner so you don’t have to cook when you get home. This will give you more time with your family.

  9. Guys’ nights out with baby
  10. Miss your buddies? So you don’t completely disappear from traffic, take your baby and walk to a friend’s house. A little get-together over coffee or a sports match can’t hurt.

    Tip #5: Don’t forget the bottles and diapers. Put the formula in the bottle and carry hot water in a thermos. If your wife is breastfeeding, you can easily carry the bottle of breast milk in a cooler bag. This will make eating out a breeze.

  11. Keep your hobbies and plan a few nights out as a couple
  12. Don’t give up your main hobby. A two-hour soccer game on the weekend can fit right into your schedule.

    Tip #6: One night a month, Mom is all about Dad. Set up a fixed date and arrange for someone to take care of your little wonder from the start.

  13. Dad is not a bookworm
  14. As a new dad, sometimes you can make little mistakes. Also, the multitude of guides and checklists sometimes confuse more than they help.
    Don’t pull your hair out, use this advice for young fathers as inspiration and follow your instincts. That way, your baby will feel good.

    Tip #7: Some guides bring a touch of humor to everyday life. (Recommendations: The Bro Code for Parents, Young Dad’s Survival Guide, How to Use My Pregnancy)

  15. Change the subject, it feels good
  16. When the new baby is here, he or she is the center of attention, and that’s fine. However, make sure that the conversations don’t all revolve around him. Your wife is not only the mother of your child, she is a woman first.

    Tip #8: Sometimes invite friends without children. This way, other topics of discussion will automatically come to the fore.

  17. Skip it to save time
  18. You don’t have time? You have to work, but you want to enjoy your little family and visit the in-laws periodically? Limit your screen time and you’ll see how much longer the evenings can get.

    Tip #9: Babies love music and movement. Hold your little one, put on some music and dance a little: it will please him and calm him down.

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