Baby Toys

Baby Toys for Every Step of Development: From Newborn to Preschool

If you’re looking for the best baby toys to help your little one grow and develop, you’ve come to the right place!

Our selection of toys for newborns through to 1.5 year olds has something for every stage of development.

From rattles and blocks to gyms and play mats, we have everything you need to keep your baby entertained and engaged.

Can baby toys become big kids toys?

I’m sure! Baby toys are not only intended for babies. The toys that we have made are unable to be used. The flashy flashing thing that caught their attention at the age of six months won’t be so exciting. Unlike baby gyms and tummy time specific brands, most of our baby toys can bring an equally entertaining play experience for a toddler.

What baby toys to buy?

It is a challenge to know what baby toys you need when they are first born. Babies love stimulation of all sorts. Remember, every experience for them is new and unbelievably exciting.

In our experience, toys with different textures, smooth surfaces, rattle toys and baby bath toys that can stand to go in water or even in the dishwasher. Moreover, consider the transportable baby toys that can hang from your stroller or the handrest in your car.

The Best Toys to Buy for Travel

Unlike baby gyms which are excellent toys for kids to mustle with as they get accustomed to their own physical abilities. When you and your child are on the go you of course want to ensure that he or she gets stimulated with the perfect toy.

Think about shopping for toys that are interesting and fun to play with, like plush animals or rattle toys that make sounds. They take up almost no room in your baby diaper bag and you’re certain that your child will remain entertained wherever you go.

Infant Toys are Different from Baby Toys

Newborns require slightly different toys that baby as their physical abilities such as grabbing and tugging have yet to be developed.

This means that the best toys for infants are visually appealing and make sounds that your baby can simply observe and suck on.

Hygenic Baby Toys are Extremely Handy

Shopping for baby toys that can easily be washed in the dishwasher. Most plush animals in cotton materials, that over time attract bacteria and germs can most often be washed in a lightly tempered washing machine. However, we recommend that you check the labels of all products regarding their washing instructions.

Developmental Toys

We certainly don’t want to mislead you, but every imaginable toy will contribute to the development of your child’s cognitive abilities. Lets face it kids know much better than adults how to have fun without faking it. And they do it naturally by inventing things and exploring their surroundings.

Why buy baby Toys?

We are so glad you asked. Babies are very receptive to al sorts of stimulations at this very crucial age and many of the brands that we sell have added benefits that have been developed for helping babies learn to walk using baby walkers. You will also find baby toys to encourage crawling.

Others have been designed to help babies get confortable with taking a bath. As your baby grows from being an infant to learning how to grab objects intentionally you might consider shopping for stacking rings as they also help with hand to eye coordination reinforcement.

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