Beach Toys

Beach Toys for Every Age and Interest: All sorts of fun in the sun!

Summertime is beach time! And what’s a beach day without some fun beach toys? Whether you’re at the ocean, a lake, or your own backyard pool, there’s no shortage of toys to choose from. But with so many options on the market, how do you know which ones are the best for your family? Well, we’re here to help! On this page, we’ll discuss beach toys for every age and interest. So whether you’re looking for sand toys or water toys, we’ve got you covered!

Looking for Beach Toys for a Toddler?

We’ve got a fantastic selection of toys for your kids, including excellent options for hands-on play and hours of fun in the sun. When shopping for beach toys for toddlers we encourage you to choose one with a smaller shaft for your toddler to easily grasp and manage. Shovels are a great choice for younger children, as they get really close to nature and can literally spend hours digging holes. However, many of the toys available are so simple are that they can be enjoyed together by the whole family.

What is the most popular beach toy?

The shovel is without a doubt the most popular beach toy. It’s perfect for filling buckets with sand and moving it to where you want it. There are a variety of shovel designs on the market. The shovel is a must-have in your beach toy arsenal. Another contender of course is a sandcastle. On, you can find molds for building the perfect sandcastle of your dreams.

Sand Toys

Sand toys are ideal for creating enormous sandcastles or simply digging up some sand and building endless canals. The majority of these types of toys are constructed of plastic and come in vivid colors. They may also be manufactured from recycled plastic if you value being ecologically responsible.

Other beach toys include:

  • Sifter
  • Castle molds
  • Bucket
  • Sand wheel
  • Sand playset
  • Sandcastle

Beach Toys for Older Kids

Finding the right toy for older kids isn’t always easy. There has to be some element of complexity or they will quickly get bored. But older kids will definitely love toys that give them opportunities to engage in competitive play. In addition, toys that challenge their swimming abilities can keep them occupied for hours.

Water Toys

There’s no better feeling than taking a refreshing dip on a hot summer day. And if you live near the ocean, all you have to do is step outside and go for it!

Water toys like:

  • Boogie board
  • Pool noodle
  • Water gun
  • Shell-shaped measuring cups

Beach Toys

Beach toys aren’t strictly for the beach. They can be played with anywhere outdoors, but they can add more fun to your beach day as well. These toys are great for all ages and can provide hours of entertainment.

Beach toys like:

  • Kite
  • Bubbles
  • Beach ball
  • Frisbee

On, you will find a variety of toys for the summer season including a bundled beach toy set. Click here to learn more.

Beach Games

This is a fantastic way to play together at the beach. They are ideal for playing in the sand, they are easy to set up, and easy to travel with. They require little to no storage in the trunk of your car, or backpack if you’re traveling with public transportation.

These activities include:

  • Spikeball
  • Horseshoes
  • Ring toss
  • Jazzmitten
  • Toss and catch the ball

Playing games at the beach is a great way for toddlers older kids to have fun and be active. These games are also a great way to teach hand-eye coordination, counting skills, and even how to play fair.


Best Bag for Beach Toys

With all these fabulous tools for creating lasting memories of summer fun, we encourage you to buy a mesh bag to transport all of these toys. A mesh bag is very lightweight and resistant to water. Most of them are manufactured with a quick-dry fabric so that you can easily hang it up and reuse it on the same day.

How do you get sand out of toys?

Preferably you would rinse your children’s beach toys before putting them in your bags when packing up. However, sometimes that’s not a feasible option. As a solution, place the toys in a mesh bag and gently shake them. The sand will gradually fall out through the cracks and onto the ground. Before going home or getting into the vehicle, wash the toys inside using a shower.

Beach toys for adults

A good rule of thumb for ensuring the perfect vacation that each member of the family will love is to buy at least some toys that you can play with together. This will of course depend on the age of your kids. But if you’re young at heart and you truly enjoy spending quality time with your child, then most toys will create these magical moments that kids will remember for the rest of their lives.

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